Recognizing Severe ME Day

Tomorrow April 8th is severe ME day. I’m still writing about this because no one else is, because no one is helping us, and because severe patients cannot advocate for themselves. It’s tempting to use today to describe how severe ME is, but today is not about that.

In the past 18 months, several people have asked me why I insist on referring to the treatment of these patients as medical abuse. Even my most supportive friends are suspicious that this characterization is too extreme. I have also been asked why I fly to California several times a year for treatment instead of seeking help through the NHS. This film answers those questions. It is hard to watch, but it is much harder to live.

“I thought the film was powerful and that it should be part of the medical curriculum in the United States. I think that we often forget why we went into medicine. We didn’t go into medicine for fame or money. We went into medicine because of the internal drive to decrease suffering in people. The film shows how medical arrogance compared with narrow vision can be toxic and can bring more suffering to a group of patients that are already suffering.”
– Jose Montoya, Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine) at the Stanford University Medical Center.

To watch, click rent, when you get to the payment screen enter the promo code VOICES.